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1Click Fix Utilities just updated to — with total support for Win 8.1 and upcoming
Windows 10. Click here to see all Windows Utilities you'll have...

12 Things Fix Utilities Can Do For You Right Now or In The Future:

>Cleans toughest and "impossible-to-find" viruses, malware and spyware that can jeopardize your privacy by tracking everything you do including your passwords. Or cause you major data loss. Included Anti-Virus utilities will cover and clean...

> Viruses
> Spyware
> Worms
> Trojan Horses
> Rootkits
> Bots
> Keyloggers
> Adware
> Backdoors
> Hijackers

> Tracking Software
> Polymorphic Attacks
> Information Warfare
> Password Theft
> Identity Theft
> Crimeware
> Ransomeware
> Scumware
> Pop-up ads
> and more...

Cleans more then 5 million threats!


>Stops and permanently fixes numerous random Windows Crashes & Freezes

>Recovers lost/deleted/corrupted files — even if emptied from your Recycle Bin. Or even if drive is formatted, Windows reinstalled or drive is physically damaged (but still spinning)

>Cleans, Speeds-Up and Repairs Windows Registry (major cause for slow performance)

>Fixes broken Boot process. (Example when computer no longer boots properly into Windows? No problem! You can now fix that in 30 seconds)

>Dramatically accelerates your hard drive read/write speed with NEW generation defragmenter and system clutter eliminator

>Checks your hard disk/SSD health status. Warns you of potential future drive failures.

>Easily fix corrupt filesystems and partitions

>Optimize your available RAM while Windows is running. (Boost speed)

>Access advanced customization, layout and performance tweaks in Windows that are inaccessible to you now.

>Easily backup your existing data with disk-to-disk mirror synchronization

>Securely encrypt your entire drive or files on your computer or laptop — making it impossible to decrypt without master password in case your laptop is stolen.

>And MUCH more. Click on below link to see some of the many software included in the package...

Click here to view full list of Windows repair, performance and anti-virus utilities....


Click here to view full list of Utilities that do NOT require your Operating System to work. Meaning these utilities can be used to fix your "broken" Windows, Linux, MacOS.


Basically these intelligent 1-Click Fix Utilities will solve almost any broken or infected situation you're experiencing now or future...



Not having 1CFU is like putting out a electric fire without an extinguisher.
You'll either get hurt, or it'll get worse without it.



Dear computer user,

Bottom line: 1-Click Fix Utilities are simple, yet extremely powerful, time-tested and effective applications to take care of just about ANY problem on your computer you're experiencing RIGHT NOW or in the future.   (In a hurry? Click here to see list of benefits.)

You see, even if you bought a new computer just recently — it doesn't take too long for inevitable corruptions, conflicts and irregular undesirable behaviors to start occurring.... causing you unnecessary frustration and jeopardizing your creative work flow to get things done.

Furthermore, humans can also be at fault. Like you and I. We sometimes fall for unsuspecting online tricks, viruses or malicious apps. Or even unconsciously engaging in various actions that disrupt, degrade or corrupt the system. This all adds up over time.

Either way this can interrupt your personal comfort, productivity and peace of mind as you're working or playing.

So this ultimately wastes your precious time, energy and especially money.


Here's a heads up on the reality of all the things that can go WRONG with your computer today, tomorrow, next week....

Data and Hardware Destroyers:
  • Viruses - spread quickly from PC to PC, causing damage
  • Data Loss - from unexpected crashes, accidental deletions and formatting, drive partition/MFT/MBR corruption, bad sectors... or even hard-drive death due to major fragmentation causing erratic physical head movements.
  • Bad Hardware - one of your computer hardware components may be dying right now without you even realizing it. All you have to do is see what the software is telling you.
  • Corrupted System Files and Windows Registry: This is bound to deteriorate in both stability and performance the more programs you install on Windows.
  • Worms - from infected email, can render a PC useless
  • Trojan Horses - a virus disguising itself as a useful program
  • Rootkits - allow hackers to remotely hijack your PC
  • Polymorphic Attacks - fast-mutating viruses that use shapeshifting techniques to outsmart security programs
  • Information Warfare Attacks - viruses that hijack your PC to launch attacks on corporate networks
Personal Information Thieves:
  • Spyware - sends your private data back to an attacker
  • Password Theft - sends your passwords to a hacker
  • Identity Theft - gives hackers data to steal your identity
  • Tracking Software - sends data out as you use your PC
  • Botnets - turn your PC into a zombie to send spam and viruses
  • Keyloggers - send personal and financial data to thieves
  • Adware - bombards you with annoying and offensive popups
  • Backdoors - allow attackers to remotely log into your PC
Money Embezzlers:

  • Crimeware - tricks you into installing, then steals your money
  • Ransomware - holds your PC hostage, until you pay up
  • Scareware - scares you into paying to fix fake problems
  • Scrumware - forces you to view fake, dangerous websites


Above list is of course is tip of the iceberg of common problems average people like you and me start to experience eventually. They can especially become life threatening if you're a business owner or store very important documents on your computer.

This is EXACTLY why 1-Click Fix Utilities exists!...

1CFU keeps you safe and reassured — with a sprinkle of peace of mind... knowing your personal computer nerd is standing by to immediately extinguish the "fire" before it causes irreparable damage.

So let's dig deeper into contents of 1-Click Fix Utilities...

With 1-Click Fix Utilities... You Can Block & Remove All Forms Of Parasites and Malicious Threats for TOTAL System Protection —


You won't have to depend on one package to "hopefully" find and disinfect your computer — but you'll have instant access to 4 advanced and ultra-powerful AntiVirus engines capable of finding millions of viruses.

In fact, it goes way beyond your commercial packages like Norton and AVG. Because depending on one engine is risking of it missing out what another engine or brand would find. This is difference between losing it all — and happily continuing your work as if nothing happened.

With 1CFU you'll have more coverage then any Anti-Virus, malware or spyware package on the market today.



With 1CFU... You can Detect, Optimize, Restore & Fix Just About Any Undesirable Situation You'll Ever Experience In Your Lifetime on Your Computer...


Frustrated with freezing programs and unpredictable crashes? Tired of being slowed down by slow performance? Lost your data and need urgent foolproof and guaranteed recovery? Need to restore your lost Windows password? Want to further tweak Windows? The list goes on...

Or maybe you're a tech-guy how needs a bunch of advanced tools that perform comprehensive system tests, give detailed low-level system information and give you maximum tweaking capability of any system you throw at it.

If you answered "Yes" to any of above — then it’s time to take ABSOLUTE control with 1-Click Fix Utilities. Because in just 1 Click, you can fix your PC problems in a flash and have your home computer running just like first day you bought it.

Before we move into detailed list of features... let's get the obvious out of the way...


What Does All This Mean To You?


Look at it this way: to get a qualified technician to look at your computer will set you back $70 to $115 per hour. And that doesn't even compare to the expense on your stress levels when reality of a major data loss or virus strikes.

You're looking at a least couple of hours just to make it worth their time. Not to mention by the time they get to your place, or you to theirs... more damage has occurred by those nasty hackers.

And that's only for one visit. What if your systems stalls again few weeks later? See how the money, emotional and productive expense quickly adds up?....

That's why you need and instant and reliable...

....solution! :)


Features and Benefits....


Fix and speed up your computer (PC, Laptop, Tablet)

  • Fix errors, freezes and crashes
  • Clean, defrag and compact the Registry
  • Speed up PC boot time
  • Speed up drive read/write speed through new generation defrag.
  • Clean out clutter to free up disk space
  • In less then 10 seconds — you'll see what's really taking up MOST space on your drive with an incredible visual representation utility.
  • Find and disable useless speed/memory slowing processes.
  • Remove impossible-to-remove software - including Super-Uninstaller that looks for all software file dependencies and removes them


Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection

  • Absolute protection and maximum performance
  • Blocks and removes all forms of PC threats
  • Stops threats others miss
  • Safely shop, bank, socialize and play online without worry
  • Clean rootkits, desktop hijacks, malware, adware


System information

  • Find out absolutely everything about your hardware and software (this gives you both simple and super-technical low-level information.)
  • Discover potential software conflicts
  • Check update versions of all your installed PC software in 1-click
  • Eliminate PC slowing tasks you didn't know are running
  • Find out drive health and benchmark it's speed
  • Read data going through your network or your/others WIFI


Secure data deletion

  • Permanently delete files, pictures, or documents
  • Make it impossible for any organization (CIA, FBI) to recover your data
  • Works with drives, cameras, MP3 players & more
  • Ensures your safety when traveling in case of laptop theft.


Super-thorough, deep and advanced file recovery / restoration

  • Recover accidentally deleted data from any device (NTFS, FAT, Linux, Mac partitions)
  • Rescue photos, music, documents, emails & more
  • Works with PCs, memory cards, USB drives, flash, etc...
  • Recover even if you reinstalled your OS, removed partition or formatted
  • Recover data from scratched/unreadable CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD media


Advanced features and benefits...

  • Password and Product Key Finders
  • Remove Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 User Account Login password in 1-click, literally. Yes, even remove Admins password in 5 sec
  • Spy on network traffic throughput including WIFI signals
  • Rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record) in 1-Click and recover MFT (Master File Table)
  • Make unbootable Windows bootable again by fixing the boot process
  • Make unbootable drive bootable again
  • Clone drive, partitions
  • Restore drive images, partitions
  • Modify, remove or add partitions without restarting Windows
  • Change disk geometry including cluster size
  • Advanced Windows registry search
  • Securely encrypt stored data on your computer or laptop.

  • Help prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands by securely erasing it from your hard drive. You'll be protected from Identity Theft as File Shredder meets U.S. Department of Defense Security cleaning standards, ensuring that erased data is completely unrecoverable. Users can select 1, 3, 7 or 35 pass options. With increased wiping options, users can ensure their sensitive data is securely deleted from even the most aggressive file recovery software.



Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible software?

Let's do a quick price comparison...

Last time I checked — buying a software computer-repair solution to 1-Click Fix Utilities would set you back at least $300+ dollars. Why?...

Because 1-Click Fix Utilities combines 5 major categories of computer detection, optimizations and repair packages.

For example a quality daily-updated Anti-Virus package alone would retail for $17+. Or how about having to whip out $1000+ dollars to call in a professional data recovery service. And have them do the exact same thing 1-Click Fix Utilities can do in 10 minutes.

Of course, the other option is to hire a IT Technician who is going to charge you at least $100+ per hour. And who's to say the problem won't occur again in the future.

Frankly none of these options really seem fair to me. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain...

For a very limited time only — I'm making this sensational software available to you for only $47. And the good news is this isn't a yearly fee.

This is a one time fee with FREE upgrades for LIFE. No other commercial package does this. And yet we can perfectly afford this because we've been in business for 20+ years — and this isn't our only business we pay the bills with. So funding for updates is unlimited.

But in case you're still skeptical whether 1-Click Fix Utilities really is the all-in-one repair solution that easily stands strong against it's competitor solutions...

I'll back you up with my "fix-it or don't pay me" — no-nonsense 60 day money back guarantee...

1-Click Fix Utilities Is Completely Backed By My 60 days "Fix It, or Don't Pay Me!" Money Back Guarantee...

Now in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you.

I personally guarantee that when you purchase 1-Click Fix Utilities — you will be able to detect, restore, optimize & fix at least 90% of the problems that occurs for the next 60 days.

... Meaning if the software is unsuccessful at fixing your current or future problem 60 days from today... then I'll refund the entire cost to you including the shipping.

So once again...

At any time during the next 2 months, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it's the day before my guarantee expires. What could be more fair?

But the truth is you'll never have to worry about a refund.

Because once you see how easily and quickly you can detect, restore, optimize & fix absolutely any computer problem, I guarantee that someone would have to wrestle you to the ground to get you to let go of your 1-Click Fix Utilities USB.

Refund Terms: Product needs to be returned back in original, working condition to: PO Box 1315, Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia. Once we receive the item and inspect it, we'll process the refund.



Summary of What You'll Get When
You Place Your Order Today...

Yes! I understand when I place my order now — I'll get 1-Click Fix Utilities package shipped to my door ANYWHERE in the world. My package includes 1x USB Flash drive that contains all software on it. And it's all I need to get started.

1x USB Flash Drive that contains 1-Click Fix Utilities on it. Over 700MB of powerful applications to sort almost any situation.

(You can also boot from the USB stick and perform fixes in case you're unable to access your OS.)

* Please note you WILL NOT receive the fancy box as seen on this page. That's for illustration purposes only.

1x Getting Started cheatsheet.


Delivery times:

If you live here:
Your product will arrive in:
Australia (AU Post Registered Tracking)
5 working days
USA (Tracking via USPS)
12-15 working days
12-15 working days
15-19 working days
Everywhere else
15-19 working days


Retail Price: $97.00


Special Online Price $47
(plus $9.95 shipping anywhere in the world)



  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Linux (any distro)
  • MacOS (any version)


  • You'll be protected against: Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Keyloggers, Identity Theft, Hijackers, Tracking Threats, Rootkits, Unwanted Software.
  • You'll be able to restore data against: Formatted hard drives, broken partitions, damaged MBR (master boot records), emptied Recycle Bin, physical broken hard drive, Shift-Delete style of deletion, and dozens of other situations that are too long to list here.
  • USB drive contains tools that can be accessed (1) without need of Windows by booting from the USB, and (2) tools that run inside Windows.
  • *No installation is needed. All tools run from USB.


Don't you think you owe it to yourself to get your copy of 1-Click Fix Utilities while it's at the top of your mind — knowing it's as risk-free as an offer can come?...

Finally you will take back control of your PC, your safety, productivity and reliability.

Click to get started...


Andre V
CEO, Proactive Patrol Inc.


P.S. You won't find any commercial product online that comes anywhere close to what 1-Click Fix Utilities can do...

For example an Anti-Virus package alone will cost you $17+ per year. And that's just one package. What's more, there's no guarantee it'll fix the problem because even best packages miss things. That's why you'll get 4 best AntiVirus packages included that cover over 5 million threats. One of largest database threat-coverage in the world.

You'll find dozens of up-to-date cleaners, optimizers and military-grade data recovery tools that'll quickly and easily resolve your present and future computer challenges.

So even if you don't think you need 1CFU now — then that's even better reason to order today — because you just don't know when reality strikes. Don't make the mistake of only acting once it happens. Get 1CFU today and have immediate reassurance and peace of mind that you're protected.


Quick Recap of What 1CFU Will Do For You...

You will Repair, Remove and Improve:
Advantages of using 1-Click Fix Utilities:
  • Slow PC speeds
  • Windows boot time
  • Invalid shared DLL files
  • Links to broken applications
  • Obsolete shortcuts
  • Invalid files
  • Toughest viruses, spyware, malware
  • Incorrectly uninstalled software
  • Associations with invalid files
  • Accelerate your PC
  • Faster Windows boot time
  • Improve the stability of your desktop
  • Eliminate blue screens
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Automatic backup system
  • FREE automatic updates
  • Recovery of hopelessly deleted data
  • And much more!


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